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Him Dana - Extruded Floating Fish Feed

Himalayan Aqua Agritech Private Limited, a sister concern of Shreenagar Agro Farm, has launched Him Dana, extruded floating fish feed with technical assistance from international and national fisheries experts.

Him Dana is suitable for cold water fish like trouts for mountains and hills and also for warm water fish like carps, pangus and tilapia in the mid-hills and Terai.

Most of the fish farmers still use conventional feeding practice of rice bran and mustard de-oiled cakes as fish feed. The warm water fish production from use of these conventional fish feed has not exceeded 3 MT per bigha. It also deteriotes the quality of water and increases mortality of fish.

With the use of Him Dana, farmers can produce upto 10 MT of fish per bigha.

Special Attributes

  • No wastage, all feed are consumed by fish.
  • Water quality not deteriorated.
  • Better FCR.
  • Special raw materials and suppliments are added for making highly nutritious and balanced feed.

Types of Himdana Feed


Golden Product Price
  • Golden Duck (Per Kg) Rs. 650
  • Golden Egg (12 Pcs) Rs. 215
  • Golden Egg (30 Pcs) Rs. 505
  • Golden Egg (6 Pcs) Rs. 115
  • P. Golden Egg (12 Pcs) Rs. 215
  • P. Golden Egg (6 Pcs) Rs. 125
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