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SAF Hisex Brown

Hisex is a champion egg layer of many medium sized eggs. It is famous for its strong and nice brown egg shells. The egg mass is equally impressive resulting in a good feed conversion.

Hisex is resistant to diseases and produces a high number of eggs, which makes it one of the most preferred layer brands among the farmers.

Special Attributes

  • Laying period of 18-90 weeks
  • Livability of 94%
  • Feed conversion of 2.18kg feed/kg egg mass
  • Delivered 50% production at the age of 143 days
  • Peak percentage of 96%
  • 408 eggs per hen housed
  • Average egg weight of 62.7g
  • Average feed consumption of 112g per day


Golden Product Price
  • Golden Egg 30pcs Rs. 450
  • Golden Egg 12pcs Rs. 185
  • Golden Egg 6pcs Rs. 95
  • Sunaulo Anda 30pcs Rs. 375
  • Sunaulo Anda 15pcs Rs. 200
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